What Is Rubber Band Ligation for Hemorrhoids?

rubber band ligation

Firefighters know that if you can cut off the oxygen supply to a fire, you can extinguish the flames. Similarly, cutting off the blood supply to painful hemorrhoids causes them to shrink and fall off. This discovery led to the development of rubber band ligation for hemorrhoids, a minimally invasive treatment option to remove internal hemorrhoids without a single surgical cut needed.

When Do Patients Choose Rubber Band Ligation for Hemorrhoids?

The degree to which hemorrhoids affect a person’s everyday life ranges from mildly irritating to severely painful and debilitating. 

Most patients suffering from hemorrhoids start with conservative treatments like changing their diet and consuming more fiber, along with over-the-counter treatments to keep the pain at bay.

For others, hemorrhoid pain can increase, along with other symptoms like persistent bleeding during bowel movements, protrusions outside the anus, and chronic inflammation. That’s when it’s time to explore more intensive treatment options like rubber band ligation.

How Does Rubber Band Ligation Work for Hemorrhoids?

The hour-long procedure starts with a gastroenterologist making patients comfortable with a local anesthetic and a sedative if needed. Then, with the patient on their side, the doctor uses a tiny scope to view the hemorrhoid while using a special instrument to place a small rubber band around its base.

Once completed, the patient is kept for a short observation period before being released to go home. Doctors advise patients on aftercare, including what constitutes a complication and what to avoid during the short recovery period.

What Happens to the Hemorrhoid After Rubber Band Ligation

Within seven to 10 days after rubber band ligation, the hemorrhoid shrivels up and finally falls off, expelling itself in a bowel movement.

Are You Ready to Explore Hemorrhoid Treat Options like Rubber Band Ligation?

If you’re ready to rubber band ligation as a viable treatment option for your hemorrhoids, reach out to us at Gramercy Park Digestive Disease Center in New York, NY. Call 212-979-3237 or contact us here to schedule an appointment to get started.

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