When to See a Gastroenterologist in NYC

When To See a Gastroenterologist in NYC
When you notice changes to your digestive system or bowel habits, consulting with your doctor can be a good idea. If you live with a condition like acid reflux or colitis, any changes to your symptoms could merit an appointment with a gastroenterologist in NYC. These specialists understand the complexities of your digestive system and can offer a highly personalized care plan.

You Have Recently Been Diagnosed With a Gastrointestinal Condition 

Gastroenterologists handle various conditions affecting the digestive tract, such as bowel and colon cancer, hepatitis, gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), peptic ulcer disease, gallbladder, and biliary tract disease. If you have recently been diagnosed with a disorder or disease, seeing a specialist could help formulate an effective treatment plan. 

You Develop New Symptoms

New symptoms such as heartburn, bowel incontinence, nausea, and pain are all good reasons to seek out a gastroenterologist. Changes to existing symptoms from previously diagnosed conditions should also be discussed with a specialist, especially if these emerge without changing your lifestyle or current treatment regime.

You Need Professional Diagnostics

Your gastroenterologist in NYC can perform endoscopic procedures to diagnose and treat various conditions, such as esophageal pH monitoring, which is commonly performed to diagnose and treat acid reflux. 

Endoscopic procedures allow the doctor to see the inside of your body without making any incisions. They use specialized equipment fitted with cameras to visualize your internal structures.

In gastroenterology, endoscopy is invaluable as it helps practitioners better understand the causes and effects of their patients’ conditions. This allows them to develop personalized treatment plans that alleviate symptoms and bring patients relief.

See a Gastroenterologist in NYC 

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