Tired of Your Hemorrhoids? Ligation Can Help

Hemorrhoids Ligation
Hemorrhoids can be a source of discomfort and irritation, impacting one's quality of life. These swollen and inflamed veins in the lower rectum and anus can cause various symptoms. Left untreated, they can worsen and become prolapsed. 

Among the treatment options available for internal hemorrhoids is rubber band ligation, or band ligation, a common procedure that effectively addresses the condition. Learn how Gramercy Park Digestive Disease Center can help.

What is Rubber Band Ligation?

Rubber band ligation is a minimally invasive treatment for internal hemorrhoids. The procedure involves placing small rubber bands around the base of the hemorrhoids, cutting off their blood supply. 

As a result, the hemorrhoids shrink and eventually fall off. This method is usually performed in a series of two to four banding procedures, and the hemorrhoid tissue is naturally eliminated within seven to 10 days.

Why is Band Ligation Performed? 

Band ligation is recommended for patients with internal hemorrhoids experiencing symptoms such as rectal bleeding, anal itching or irritation, and swelling around the anus. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it's essential to consult with a gastroenterologist for a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment recommendations.

Hemorrhoid Treatment with Band Ligation

Before undergoing band ligation, your gastroenterologist will assess your condition and recommend the best treatment approach for your specific needs. Prior to the procedure, a local anesthetic may be administered to minimize discomfort, and a sedative might be given to help you relax. 

During the procedure, a special scope is used to view the hemorrhoids, and the rubber bands are placed around their base. The entire procedure typically takes about one hour. After a brief period of observation, you can return home. 

Potential complications may include pain, bleeding, and infection, but your doctor will provide post-procedure care instructions to help manage any discomfort.

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If you are tired of dealing with hemorrhoids and seeking an effective treatment, consider consulting with a skilled New York City gastroenterologist at Gramercy Park Digestive Disease Center (GPDDC). Their experienced gastroenterologists offer expert diagnosis and treatment for digestive diseases, including hemorrhoids. 

By scheduling a consultation with their team, you can explore the possibilities of band ligation and find relief from your hemorrhoids. Call their office today at (212) 979-3237 or fill out the appointment request form on their website to take the first step towards improving your digestive health.

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