What Does It Mean When Your Esophagus is Dilated?

An esophageal dilation is a means of widening a narrowed or tightened section of your esophagus. This type of esophageal stricture is not uncommon, and the causes include:

  • Scarring of the esophagus caused by acid reflux
  • Scarring of the esophagus caused by radiation treatment
  • Esophageal tumors
  • Esophageal spasms
  • Schatzki’s ring (an abnormal ring of tissue at the base of the esophagus)

A narrowed esophagus may make it difficult to eat. You may feel like you can’t swallow all of your food, and it might feel like something is stuck in your throat when you try to eat and drink.

In esophageal dilation, we gently place an endoscope down the esophagus. Next, we use one of several special instruments to widen the tightened area. The instruments used may be a series of flexible tubes, or a balloon that is inflated at the specific location in the esophagus. The technique depends on the cause and location of the stricture.

While you may feel nervous about this procedure, know that our experienced doctors and staff have your comfort, safety, and best results at the forefront of what we do. We work to put our guests at ease by providing complete information about what to expect. All of your questions and concerns will be fully addressed well in advance.

The scoping procedure itself is painless and relatively quick. Typical dilations require only a numbing throat spray to complete. You will be in a seated position. Your breathing will not be blocked by the dilation procedure.

The recovery is relatively fast. You may have a sore throat for about a day afterward. You’ll be able to eat and drink once your throat is no longer numb.

If you think you might benefit from esophagus dilation provided by an experienced, caring, and skilled gastroenterologist in New York City, please call Gramercy Park Digestive Disease Center at 212-979-3237. We are passionate about helping people restore comfort and quality of life with a wide array of endoscopic procedures and other treatments.

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