June Is Men’s Health Awareness Month

It’s Men’s Health Awareness Month, and one of the reasons we choose to highlight it is because men are more likely to put off regular checkups and medical care, often ignoring symptoms that, if caught early, would have been more treatable. In addition, there are certain medical conditions, like prostate cancer, that only affect men, so paying attention to your health is important. Many of the conditions that men face, from heart disease to colorectal cancer, are far more treatable if caught early.

Men’s Health and Gramercy Park Digestive Disease Center

While Grammercy Park Digestive Disease Center (GPDDC) does not treat men exclusively, we are partners in men’s health and here to provide the services you need to be the healthiest version of yourself.  It’s a great time to schedule an appointment to address any symptoms you’ve been ignoring and to get health screenings performed.


If you are 50 and have not yet had a colonoscopy, it is one of the most important health screenings you can do for your health. A colonoscopy can literally save your life by detecting colorectal cancer early. During a colonoscopy, polyps (precancerous formations in the colon) can be removed.

Upper GI

If you’ve been having undiagnosed symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, persistent heartburn, or difficulty swallowing, an upper GI can help detect what is causing the symptoms so that you can get treatment.  An upper GI is a safe way to detect abnormalities, diagnose certain diseases, and provide detailed results your doctor can use to treat you.

Rubber Band Ligation

While hemorrhoids are not life-threatening in most cases, they are something that many men are unwilling to seek treatment for. However, rubber band ligation, a procedure used to treat hemorrhoids by tying off the vein at its base with a rubber band, is an effective treatment that can eliminate pain, bleeding, and discomfort.

Men’s health is important. Take the first step in improving your health by consulting with a skilled NYC gastroenterologist. Gramercy Park Digestive Disease Center (GPDDC) is home to top NYC board-certified gastroenterology physicians, with extensive background in treating esophageal stricture with dilation. Call (212) 979-3237 or click here to submit a contact form.

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