5 Tips to Avoid Reflux During the Holidays

For people who suffer from reflux, the holidays can be a difficult time. It’s easy to overeat, and you’re often eating meals in other peoples’ homes or in restaurants where you can’t control the ingredients. These 5 tips can help you avoid reflux during the holidays.

1. Avoid Alcohol

It’s a time for celebrating, and the holidays are often accompanied by alcoholic beverages. However, if you suffer from reflux, alcohol will almost certainly cause your reflux to be worse. Every person is different; some people can enjoy a drink in moderation while others can’t have a drop without suffering the consequences.

2. Chew Slowly

Gulping food or swallowing large amounts at once can trigger reflux, so be mindful about your eating and chewing habits. Take slow, purposeful bites and chew slowly. Savor your food rather than rush through it, and you’ll experience far less reflux.

3. Avoid Fatty Foods

While each person has different reflux triggers, one more common trigger is fatty foods. Opt for leaner white turkey meat, skip the gravy, and choose fruit pies over cream pies for dessert if you have it. When combined with chewing more slowly, you can enjoy a holiday meal without discomfort.

4. Don’t Overeat

One surefire way to ensure you’ll have a bout of reflux is to overeat. Have smaller portions of food and don’t gorge. If you’re too full for dessert, postpone it until later. If you are compelled to have dessert, has a smaller portion than normal.

5. Don’t Lay Down Right After Eating but Don’t Run a Marathon Either

There’s never been a better motivation to get the dishes done after eating! Lying down after eating can trigger reflux, but so can arduous exercise. Avoid both just after eating to avoid reflux.

Bad heartburn is a sign of acid reflux. If you have been experiencing severe heartburn or if it occurs often, you should seek treatment for acid reflux disease. This can help ease heartburn and other symptoms. If you have acid reflux or heartburn and need help, please contact Gramercy Park Digestive Disease Center to make an appointment.

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